Dr. Becker with the local promoter for Rumble Time Promotions, a promoter and organizer of local boxing and MMA fights, Steve Smith. Dr. Becker has treated several athletes and is hailed as the Official Chiropractor of Rumble Time Promotions. Steve has been a patient in our office in the past and has graciously shared his experiences with others.


We have done our best to organize the following testimonials by condition to make it easy for you. Not all of our patients are willing to allow us to use their information for our website, therefore, the list here is small in comparison to the actual number of people we have helped at our facility. We will continue adding to this section as we continue to help more people.


Spinal Decompression/Disc Herniations and Bulges:

 "I haven't had a good night sleep in 6 months, now after only 2 treatments I've slept 2 nights on my right side without interuption due to pain!"

Rodney B.


"You saved my life! I didn't think I would ever be able to walk my dogs or garden again. Now I don't have to worry about pain stopping me."

Marilyn T., St. Charles.


"For 25 years I went to doctor after doctor and none of them could figure out why I was in so much pain and many suggested I 'learn to live with it'. My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Becker and he suggested I may need to get an MRI. When I did it showed I have 2 herniated discs. After the spinal decompression I feel so much better and so many other problems I was experiencing, like stomach problems and depression, have improved as well. After 25 years of living with pain I'm learning how to actually live my life again."

Deena S., Foristell


 "I thought I would live with back pain for the rest of my life. Now, without drugs or surgery, I'm pain-free!" 

Tracy H., O'Fallon

"I want to thank you so much for your exceptional care and treatment. At 52 years of age I was experiencing complete loss of sensation to the thumb, index and middle finger of my left hand. Following extensive physical therapy and "water bag traction" and a soft collar there was no improvement. In fact, I was worsening. There was a recommendation from the neurosurgeions that I undergo cervical surgery of which would include fusion of the vertebral bodies. The recovery would be of four to six weeks, no absolute guarentee that there would be a complete recovery. As an OB/GYN in solo practice, I do not have the luxury of taking six weeks of sick leave. Subsequently, this would result in complete financial ruin of my business. In attempting to look for alternative therapies, I came across spinal decompression tables in my medical journals. Subsequently, I mentioned this to my chiropractor and he referred me to your center. With the first evaluation you were absolutely sure that you could help me. Now, I am completely cured.

In my opinion, I think anyone with any type of spinal symptoms should be evaluated and undergo decompression therapy prior to even considering surgical intervention. I am so grateful that I have discovered Spinal Decompression and your treatment. I would recommend anyone looking for treatment and to be seen and evaluated for spinal decompression before considering further treatment by a neurosurgeon." Gratefully,  Dr. Joseph A. Hill, D.O. Chairman OB/GYN, St. Joseph's Hospital  "I have had some lower back pains in my life, even sciatica, but this was a new experience with nerve pain. Sitting, standing, during my sleep-- it was constant and there was no relief. I saw my primary doctor who sent me to a physical therapist for eight weeks, then X-Rays and still no relief.  Next I saw a pain management doctor and after an injection received relief for only 11 days. He suggested I might have to 'just live with it.' Fortunately, a friend of mine had seen a commercial and sent me to Spinal Aid Centers. I made my appointment and began the non-surgical treatment the very next day. Within 1 week I was getting substantial relief and started decreasing my pain medication. After 1 month I was completely off my medication and had NO PAIN! (For the first time in seven months I could sleep on my side!) The doctors started me on an exercise regime specific for my core muscles to prevent future back injuries. This treatment changed my life. I hope anyone with back or neck problems investigate this office for what seems like a miracle answer for their problems. I felt I have made new friends with the Spinal Aid staff because of the premium care that was received. Life is better after spinal decompression therapy!" Janey M., St. Charles, MO "After almost not even being able to use my left arm because of neck and shoulder pain, I came to the Spinal Aid Centers after seeing an ad on TV. Before treatment it seemed that any movement was excruciating and lasted at least a day afterword. I can now enjoy all outdoor activieties such as boating, four-wheeling and motorcycle riding without the fear of any pain! I can even do yard work again! What a wonderful feeling to get your life back. You don't realize how many things you have stopped doing because of pain until you are free from that pain. I highly recommend the Spinal Aid Center for anyone looking for long-term serious pain relief.  Stacy W., Foley, MO  "I had a ruptured disc that prevented me from doing most all of my daily activities. I had pain in my arm and shoulder, loss of feeling in one finger and I couldn't turn my head to look to the side or up and down.  I was told that surgery was the only option. When I saw an ad for non-surgical spinal decompression, I had hope that there was another option. After talking to the doctor, I knew it was a treatment I wanted to try and I am glad that I did-- the decompression table was comfortable, painless and I was able to get back to my daily activities before my treatment was finished. My experience has been great. I am back to my life-- free of pain and with no restrictions." Angie H., St. Peters, MO  "I was in constant pain due to my bulging disc as a result of a car collision. I found Spinal Aid Centers during a search for spinal decompression. I scheduled an appointment, the doctor explained the procedure and I was very skeptical. I've been through every other type of treatment (besides surgery) and have had absoutely no results.  After my very first visit on the decompression table I was amazed-- NO PAIN! My back has NEVER felt this good since the car collision. I am a police officer, so skepticism is my middle name! I first visited on 04/18/2009 and as of this written testimonial on 04/30/2009 I am still in NO PAIN AT ALL! If you don't believe it, you can call me at [number omitted] !" Philip A., O'Fallon, MO  "I was about to have surgery and I heard about the Spinal Aid Center through a friend. I came here and started-- and the first day I had relief. Now after 10 treatments, I have no back pain at all. I can bend over and do other things I couldn't do before-- completely pain free!"  Kevin A., Wentzville, MO

"I recommend the spinal decompression [treatments] to anyone with back trouble. I [came] to the spinal aid center in tears I was in so much pain , I couldn't [even] work. I was put on the decompression table, you just lay there and let the table do the work. You don't feel anything, you just relax. After several treatments I was out of pain and felt great. Thanks to the decompression treatment I am now back to work with no pain."

Joyce S., Wentzville, MO

"I am so grateful that I did the spinal decompression. I had a lot of pain and doctors suggested an eight hour surgery that may or may not help. I did spinal decompression for about three months. At first, I did not think this would work but it did and I have my life again. I would recommend this to anyone before surgery."

Carol Mudd, St. Peters, MO

"I was having severe back pain. It was hard to do my housework and I was told not to carry my grand baby [because] I might drop her if I got a bad pain. I could hardly do anything. [I was told] I could have surgery but I didn't want that. I had bad discs in my back and saw a newspaper ad [for spinal decompression].  The treatments I had really helped. I no longer have any back pain. It was costly, but it was worth it. Dr. Becker was really helpful and they were very friendly'

Azlee Tucker, Age 83 O'Fallon, MO


"When I first came to Dr. Becker, I was having intense lower back pain. I wasn't able to perform my duties at work or at home. Dr. Becker started me on decompression therapy and now my lower back pain is now non-existant. Later I was performing a job at work that was repetitive. Eventually I came down with a sore shoulder. Dr. Becker examined my shoulder and found the pain was originating from my neck. Again he started me on decompression therapy [for] my neck. Again the pain subsided and now I am pain free. My lower back and neck are giving me no trouble. I am pain free and can enjoy life again. Spinal decompression really does work! It has been the solution to all my back and neck problems. I can face my duties at work with confidence, not having to worry about my back all the time. I can now lead a normal life. Dr. Becker and his trained staff have given me a new lease on life. I would recommend Spinal Aid to anyone. This is coming from someone who knows about the crippling effect of severe back pain.'

Gerald Schneider, Age 60 O'Fallon, MO


"My problem began with pain in my left hip. Over several months the pain was getting worse. I went to my General practitioner and I had an MRI. He then sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. He looked at the images and told me I had some bone spurs on my hip, and to try to exercise more.  The pain continued to get worse, so I went to a local chiropractor, hoping to get some relief. After several months, and no relief, he suggested that I have another MRI of my back. It showed that I had bulging discs in my lower back. My GP sent me to a pain management doctor, who tried shooting me with steroids. That did not help at all. Next he suggested implanting a Medtonic device to block nerve trauma to my brain. It seemed to me that he was treating the symptom, not the problem.  By now, I was unable to get out of bed without excruciating pain. I was changing my life style to work around the pain. Then I read an article about decompression therapy and asked my GP what he thought. Not only did he think it could help me, he gave me Dr. Becker's card. My husband went with me for my consultation [with Dr. Becker]. We both agreed that I should give it a try. I noticed some relief after a few visits, and soon complete relief. I don't have to think about what I can or cannot do anymore. It's a joy to get out of bed in the morning without having to think about how much it's going to hurt.  The friendly atmosphere of Dr. Becker's office helps me to relax while I'm there. Dr. Becker and his staff make the treatments a very positive event. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering [from] back pain."

Diane Johnson, Lake St. Louis, MO


“I did all the MD recommendations from arthritis medications, muscle relaxers, pain pills, pain management and physical therapy. To my dismay NOTHING was working. Every day I would force myself to get out of bed and begin a day of taking care of someone else and allowing myself to be on the back burner. I even went so far as to trade my car in for a bigger model in order to get in and out of it without having left leg pain that just never stopped. [I experienced] throbbing, burning, numbness, inability to bend my knee to the end result of having a knotted ligament in the arch of my left foot which also was intractable pain. Plus [I had] absolutely NO energy. [It was] just hard to make it through the day until I could get home and sit in the chair. Night time was a misery also, [I experienced] severe leg cramps, constant hurting and no comfortable solution. Sleep was approximately 4-5 hours and was intermittent. [I prayed] Please, Lord, send me in the right direction. That is when I found the Spinal Aid Center ad and began investigating the procedure of spinal decompression. After speaking with Spinal Aid on the phone I was encouraged to speak with them in person. After reviewing the MRI, the doctor felt sure that the decompression would help me.  Day 1: Treatment was not uncomfortable which was another unknown to me. It felt a little like I had been lifting weights in my back, but I did have a tingling feeling in the top of my left thigh.  Day 2: Relief was continuing already and I am amazed!!! I am a barefoot kind of person around the house and had not been able to walk without shoes. Tonight, I am walking around my house without pain in the arch of my foot and Yippeee…I am also barefoot. There is just a little discomfort on the outer aspect of my left calf, but nothing that caused me to lose sleep. Now I can’t get up early enough to complete all my chores before leaving for work.  Day 3: I am still having soreness in the leg, but can actually bend my knee enough to walk a flight of stairs with a handrail, but this is a step forward.  Day 4: I’m thinking that I might just survive this leg pain thing, and then up jumps a bad day, but it is relieved with the treatment.  Days Forward: More positives and negatives at this time. I continue to gain strength in my left leg but I still have days of pain that reach a 4-5/10. I’m still much better than the 10 out of 10.  I’m keeping on with the program and am encouraged that this will continue until I am back to 100%....well…at least 99.9%”


Jan Trokey, Wright City, MO "After a car accident I spent 2 years in pain. I spent most of my time in bed,not able to do activities I enjoyed. I was taking vicodin multiple times a day, I got shots in my back, was using a TENs unit, did physical therapy for 26 visits, had nerve damage tests, and had gone to a bone and joint specialist who told me I would have to live with a certain amount of pain for the rest of my life. The pain medication was taking my pain levels from a constant 6/10 that spiked to 8-9/10  to a 3/10 and would only last approximately 3-4 hours. I had pain in my knee which was eliminated by traditional chiropractic methods in a few months. After the first treatment on the decompression table I had almost no pain in my lower back and tailbone for a few hours. By the middle of the treatment program I was able to stop using the TENS unit and stop taking the Vicodin. I now am able to walk a mile 4 times a week and I only experience pain if I push myself to do too much activity. I'm looking forward to being able to garden this spring pain free, something I have not been able to do for 3 seasons. You and your staff have always been encouraging, supportive and confident that you could help me. You have always made me feel comfortable and like family. Your office environment is cheerful and relaxing which promotes interaction between patients. I would be glad to refer anyone to your office."

Lavonne Wieland, St. Charles, MO


Pinched Nerves:

"July 31, 2009

About a year ago May [2008] I started experiencing pain in the back of my neck which would radiate up into my head. It was not constant, but did keep me awake nights on occasion. I also had a lump on the right side of my clavicle which was painful to touch and would also hurt periodically. I went to my internist (after a year!) and she recommended a chiropractor or physical therapy. I decided to see Dr. Jeffrey Becker after my friend recommended him.

In May of 2009 I had my first visit with Dr. Becker. Having never been to a chiropractor before, I didn't know what to expect. My experience was very pleasant and after 2 sessions, my pain was gone. I was amazed. I had one recurrence of pain, which again was gone after a treatment. Now I am down to once a month and hopefully after that visit I will be 'released'.

Dr. Jeff is patient oriented. He cares about us. I have been to doctors who are clinicians only with no patient rapport. Not here in this office. He is personable, funny and most of all knowledgable. He treats you for what you complained about and nothing more (unless you complain about something else!).

His office staff is also great. The girls are so polite and very accommodating. I am very happy with the visits I have had at Spinal Aid and would highly recommend Dr. Becker to anyone. It's so nice being pain free!"

Janet Niles, Lake St. Louis, MO


"When I started coming to Dr. Becker I was having trouble with pain in my right hip. I had pain in my right [side] that went down to my right knee. This has all been relieved and I [ocassionally] have very little discomfort in the area."

Bob E, St. Charles, MO

" When I first came to see Dr. Becker, the pains in my neck and head were awful. When I would have an attack it felt like something was clamping my neck and shooting up into my head where I felt like I was going to pass out. I have not had one of these attacks for over a month or more now I appreciate all Dr. Becker did in helping me. Thank you."

Sister Audrey Hemsath, Age 76 O'Fallon, MO


"I developed a pinched nerve in my neck in early January 2012. Althought it got better in 2 weeks, the pain returned and started getting much worse. After the first visit to Dr. Becker, the pain started to subside and after 4 visits the pain was completely gone. I was referred to Dr. Becker by my family doctor."

John Sundy, Age 63 Lake St. Louis, MO

"About the middle of September 2011, I woke up one morning with a bad pain down the back of my neck and shoulders. I couldn't turn my head without it really hurting. After about a week my husband suggested I go see Dr. Becker, never having gone to a chiropractor in my 76 years  it took him about 2 weeks to convince me I really needed to see him.  I was really very reluctant to go but did decide I would give him a try. I am very glad I made that decision, as after about a month of treatments I was pain free and still remain pain free. I have very high respect for Dr. Becker and will certainly go see him when the need arises."

Shirley E, Age 76 St. Charles, MO


Trigeminal Neuralgia/Bell's Palsy

"When I came to Dr. Becker with Bell's Palsy[& trigeminal neuralgia], the friendly staff at Spinal Aid hooked me up with the TENS machine a few minutes a day for about two weeks, and the Bell's Palsy went away. I think the treatment I recieved at the Spinal Aid [center] saved me about six weeks of recovery time, I'm glad I called Dr. Becker. The best part of Bell's Palsy is being rid of it."

Terry Ferguson, Age 49 Marthasville,  MO


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