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Dr. Jeffrey Becker DC

Pediatric Care

At Spinal Aid Center we work with patients of all ages with many different complaints. From new borns to senior citizens chiropractic care can be helpful to anyone.

Even the most natural birth without complications can cause subluxations in the spine of a new born. These subluxations can create a range of problems that in many cases chiropractic care can help.

We at Spinal Aid work in conjunction with your child's pediatrician to reduce symptoms that children experience as they grow and develop. We do NOT work as a primary pediatrician would and cannot give vaccinations or medications. We DO provide gentle chiropractic manipulations to reduce symptoms of problems such as colic, ear infections, asthma and colds. For example, if your child has an ear infection, using chiropractic manipulation of the upper neck and ears the ear canal can be opened up enough to allow any fluid that is built up in the ear canal to drain properly. Your pediatrician would give an antibiotic to fight the infection, which is great, but if the fluid is not moving properly there is a very high risk the infection can come back and your child may experience chronic ear infections.

As children grow and become more active, whether it be in sports or home life, the chance of injury increases. If your child does become injured we can help them feel better quickly using chiropractic manipulation as well as gentle therapeutic modalities. With any injury, the faster you begin treating it the quicker it will heal.

We will work hard to help your child get and stay healthy in any way we are able to! Call us today if you feel we could help your child. (636)272-8888

O'Fallon Chiropractor | Pediatric Care. Dr. Jeffrey Becker is a O'Fallon Chiropractor.